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Commerce Club

The Commerce Club is an offshoot of the Senior Secondary Commerce stream; its activities focus on practical training for the theoretical knowledge, which the commerce students gain in the classroom. They run the school canteen, control its finances and prepare budget, all on the ground-rules of ethical practicalities. Other activities include quiz programmes, speeches by Heads of leading commercial houses on important topical issues and analytical discussions on the commercial and economic areas of interest, and visits to business places like banks, stock-exchange etc.




The Commerce Club of Bala Vidya Mandir organised its first Activity on 10.08.16. The activity was called Ad-Analyzer, where contestants formed 6 teams of 3 each. They were played an advertisement and given a questionnaire pertaining to the advertisement to be filled.

Questions such as the theme of the advertisement and the approximate cost involved in making it etc were asked . Three teams emerged as the winners . The activity ended on a successful note.

First Place – Srinath Hariharan 12C,Ashish Thomas 11D, Tanya Ramprasad 12C
Second Place- Adithi Ganeshan,Tanvi Srivatsan,Ramya Rajaram of Class 11D


The Commerce Club of Bala vidya Mandir organised its second activity on 23.08 .16.The activity was called Business Quiz . 6 Teams of 2 contestants each participated . The Quiz master had various business related questions to ask the contestents . Three teams emerged winners.

1st place  Devadarshini and Akshita Iyer of 11D
2nd place Manikandan and Srinath Hariharan of 12C
3rd place Srividhya and Priyadarshini of 11 D


The Commerce Club of Bala vidya Mandir organised its third activity on 19.10 .16.The activity was called Mogo Quiz . 6 Teams of 3 contestants each participated . The first round was identification of the logos of different companies. The second round was creating a logo for your company using their creativity and artistic ability. Three teams emerged winners

1st place  Ashwin.V, Ashwin Ramesh A.S. A,Arulnidhi of Class 11D
2nd place S. Santosh,Sriram.P,Bhavatharini of Class 12 D
3rd Place Shrividhya.J, B Devadarshini, Malaveeka Ramji of Class 11D


The Commerce Club of Bala vidya Mandir organised its fourth activity on 16.11 .16.

4 Teams of 6 contestants each participated . The Team that won was chosen for their unique interpretation of the product given to them .They were -Tanvi Srivatsan, Adithi Ganeshan, Sruti Mohan,Shrividhya J,Nireesha Sanna Reddy of class 11 D


“For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."

The Commerce Club election 2016-17 for the posts of the office bearers was held on 23rd June, 2016. Commerce students of classes 11 and 12 actively participated in the true spirit of democracy. The elected students received their badges at the inauguration of Commerce and Consumer Clubs by the Guest of Honour, Mr.Akhilesh Gupta, Director, Triveni Motors Pvt Ltd. on 6th June, 2016. Mr.Akhilesh Gupta shared his expertise on Banking and its various Job Opportunities. The selected students holding office for Consumer Club 2016-17 were also sworn in.



2015 - 16


"The students of class XI staged a play titled 'Kick Start' as the last activity for this academic year. The play was scripted by Santhosh and directed by Bala Iyyappan. The play captured the essence of start ups that are the main stay now. It was widely appreciated by the audience that comprised of class xii and the teachers."


" The club has been active  with new activities in the months of August and September. 'Guess the word' was a team event consisting of three students per team wherein  one member had to guess the brand name of the product based on the  clues given by  the team mates. It had two rounds at the end of which three teams were declared winners. "Ad-Analyser" was another event  wherein the participants were shown advertisements that had to be analysed critically and specifically and followed it up with oral presentation to the audience.The  event was judged by Aravind Natarajan and Koushik V,  alumni of our school. Three teams emerged as winners.

 "MOGO" was the third event conducted by the club in which all the  members participated. Logos of many brands were shown and the teams had to guess the  reasons for the logo. Two case studies were also given for which logos  had to be designed  by the participants. Three teams emerged as winners. The members of the  club also visited 'ECO Kitchen' an NGO located in OMR. They saw the production process and learnt about the principles of six zigma, kaizen and just-in-time manufacturing being practised. "


The club conducted its eco-friendly e-elections of its office bearers for the year 2015-16. This club encourages students to volunteer for the post  of office bearers and does not believe in teacher nominations. The first activity was a guest lecture by Mr.Shravan Krishnan on the topic “Young Entrepreneur”. He recounted his personal experiences as an entrepreneur who is successfully running his business ‘Hotel for Dogs’. The members of the club found the lecture quite inspiring and motivating. He also inducted the office bearers of the club by pinning up their badges. This year’s office bearers include Shantanu Krishnan as President, Varun Chander as Treasurer, Aman Sharma as Vice President and Srinath Hariharan as Secretary.

The second activity was a business quiz conducted by R.Adithya which was done in two rounds. The preliminary round consisted of written quiz and the short listed candidates took part in the finals. The finals consisted of three rounds with lot of visuals. It was  very exciting and  members thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


2014 - 15



An activity named "Ad-analyser" was conducted by the commerce club in which students were asked to critically analyse the finer aspects of advertisements. the judeges were Vaibhav Krishna, an alumnus and Bharadwaj who showed video clippings of advertisements based on which they were judged.

The play titled "E-WARS" scripted by Shravya C and directed by Madhura was screened by the class xi students. It was  a take on the real life difficulties faced by traditional vendors due to e-tail. The audience enjoyed the same.



The commerce club conducted a clicker quiz for all the members of the club. There were 30 teams of 2 students each consisting of one 11th grader and one 12th grader. They fielded 40 questions on the three core subjects and current affairs. This was an elimination round for final round of quiz. Arvind Natarajan, an alumnus of our school conducted the business quiz-finals  which had many audio visual rounds. Out of 8 teams shortlisted from the preliminary round, three teams bagged the three prizes.


The commerce club conducted a clicker quiz for all the members of the club. There were 30 teams of 2 students each consisting of one 11th grader and one 12th grader. They fielded 40 questions on the three core subjects and current affairs. This was an elimination round for final round of quiz. Arvind Natarajan, an alumnus of our school conducted the business quiz-finals  which had many audio visual rounds. Out of 8 teams shortlisted from the preliminary round, three teams bagged the three prizes


The election for commerce club office bearers was conducted in the month of June for the posts of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The elections were conducted electronically using computers for the first time in our school. This year’s commerce club election was a paperless and  eco friendly one! The activity was a guest lecture. The resource person was our principal Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan and he spoke on the topic “Google and Apple started by amateurs succeeded but Titanic ship built by professionals sank”.  It was well received by the audience.





Bring out the entrepreneur in you” was the third activity. Six teams of two students each comprising of one 11th and 12th class participated. The participants came up with new business start ups and had to convince the audience to invest in their business. The startup business  that had raised the maximum capital was adjudged the winner. Students came up with ingenuous business ventures and everybody enjoyed this program.



The Commerce club of Bala Vidya Mandir staged a play titled “Another man’s game” on the 29th November 2013 . The play was based on a lesson in Business Studies-it is about the Government undertakings, role of public sector companies, departmental undertakings etc. The story was about privatisation of Indian Railways suggested by the Prime Minister and how her efforts to implement the same are thwarted by the bureaucrats. The play made an interesting point when they concluded that it is indeed a fact that the country’s policies are formulated by the bureaucrats and the politicians just go with the flow. The reason for the diplomats’ decision not  to privatise the Railways was due to the fear of transfers or else dismissals when the next Government is formed at the centre. The class xi students showcased a rare  insight when they depicted the current political scenario peppered with humour. The play lasted for about 30 minutes well attended by principals, academic department , teachers and the commerce students.  They had made props like PCO in card board, placards to show the strike and a small video showing the credits and the cast before the play. The entire cast was in a good costume from the prime minister to the secretaries and all this added a professional touch. On the whole it was a good effort by the class xi students and no wonder  they were appreciated duly.




Triathalon, an event with three rounds of activity was conducted by Namrata Nagaraj and Smrithi Bhaskar. It had a combination of dumb charades, what is the good word and 20 questions. The teams consisted of three members and K S Sucharitha, Sri viswapriya, Gautham Narula, Sushanth P, Suchana M, Aradhana J, Krithika S, Roshni D V and R Adithya emerged as winners. The next event was 'Guess the business personality' and the following team members bagged the prizes-Sabaretnam, Gautham B, Vedanth Murali, Shruthi Srinivasan, Sagarika Mani, Vijay Aditya, Avanthika Ramesh, Anirudh Krishna and Shreenidhi N. This event was conducted by Keerthana Reddy and Aarushi Talekar. On the whole the team members enjoyed both the events.




JUNE & JULY 2013

"The  election for office bearers of the Commerce club was held in the month of June 2013.  Club members elected Sunayana Rajkumar as the vice president and Shriranjani as the secretary from class XI and N A N Thaanush as the Treasurer from class XII. P Niranjan who was the vice president last year  became the president automatically. The office bearers were inducted and given badges by Ms.Bharathi Ganeshram, Joint Director, PSTS Logistics Pvt., Ltd., who addressed the club memberson the topic 'Family Business in India-an overview' and declared open the club. In the month of July  Mr.Aneesh Sudarshan, an alumnus conducted a Business Quiz in which six teams of two each participated. Team consisting of Vijay Adithya and Shruthi S won the First prize followed by Maathangi, Anirudh, Sibi and Raamavarma who bagged the Second and Third prize.