Bala Vidya Mandir Bala Vidya Mandir

Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)






On the far-end of the first floor is the Library. With wall to wall shelves on all four sides of the room, the library houses books by various authors both recent and old for the primary, middle and high school. Apart from anthologies and omnibus collections it also stores academic and reference books. The library has a very good collection of dictionaries too.

Audio Visual room

On the right side of the school campus is situated the audio-visual room or the AV room as it is called. With a capacity to accommodate 100 and above students it is equipped with the latest technological equipment like the LCD projector, surround sound speakers and a wall mounted screen. Staff meetings, guest lectures and various club events are often conducted here

Math Quest Lab

The Quest lab aims at providing a hands-on experience to the students of classes 3 to 8. The students get to perform experiments and view live demonstrations of the same

Science Lab

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs of the school target children of classes 9 to 12. The students perform experiments based on their academic syllabus and are prepared for their board exams.

English Lab

The English lab primarily focuses on the primary classes. The classes visit the lab once a fortnight and their class room learning is extended by way of re-inforcement of the four basic learning skills. The students are exposed to reading and listening to stories, development of vocabulary through flash cards and other non-traditional methods of importing language skills.

Computer Lab

The school believes in the philosophy of a computer per student. Accordingly the computer lab of the school reflects the teacher-pupil ratio and has 30 workstations. The school is also equipped with a high performance server, hi-speed LAN and hi-fi connections.