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Senior Secondary School

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Legal symposium was conducted for students of Legal Studies on 27th August in our school. Ms Tanvi Advocate Madras High Court and Mr Vikas student 4th year Shastra Law college were guests. Topics ranging from capital punishment, crimes against women, ethunasia, food adulteration laws in India, Judiciary dominated by men and Cyber crime laws in India were discussed by the students.



“Ignorance of Law is not an excuse” is the famous Latin maxim. The students of Class XI and XII opting for Legal Studies as their elective organized a Legal Studies Symposium on August 22nd in the school campus. The students were divided into five groups and very relevant topics were taken up by them for their presentation.

Group 1 spoke on the highly debated topic of National Judicial Appointment commission vs the Collegium system. The topic is very relevant as on 16th October 2015 in a landmark judgment the Supreme Court of India scrapped the NJAC and restored the Collegium system of appointing Judges to the Supreme Court and High Court. The students did a lot of research on the topic. The second group discussed the topic on the “Need for a Uniform Civil Code” pertaining to Personal and Family Laws. The UCC is a part of the Directive Principles of the State Policy and is therefore not enforceable in the court of Law. The students put forth that family and personal laws relating to marriage, divorce and adoption should be uniform for all citizens of India and should not be based on religion. The topic for the third group was “Should the Juvenile Justice Act be amended –Lowering the age from 18 years to 16 years. The Nirbhaya case was brought up for discussion as one of the accused was a Juvenile. “Justice delayed is Justice denied was discussed by the fourth group. Many landmark cases like the Bhopal Gas tragedy case and the Upahaar Cinema case was brought up in the presentation. The students pointed out that due to the delay in the Justice Delivery mechanism the common man is losing faith in the Legal system. The finale of the symposium was Group five’s presentation on” Scope of Judicial Activism and Public Interest Litigation”.

Mrs Vijaylakshmi Advocate and Mr Vikas Muralidharan a student of Thanjavur Law College were the Judges. Every presentation was followed by a Question time session where the Judges grilled the participants and gave their valuable inputs.  The students of Group 1 who presented on NJAC vs Collegium system were awarded the best presentation certificates. As the faculty member of Legal Studies it was a rewarding experience to witness students speak confidently on various Legal issues.