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Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)




Literary Club

The Literary Club provides students a take-off point to the work of Literature - English, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit. It creates opportunities to enhance their taste in reading, their sense of appreciation of literary expressions and their scope to emulate great literary figures through their works. The members also have opportunities to view outstanding plays and performances in the city. The club also conducts annual Inter-House Dramatics contest as well as a Literary Week involving various activities and presentation.

The Debating Club, a branch of LIterary Club of Bala Vidya Mandir prepares students to participate in debating competitions.



LITSAV 2018, the Annual Inter School Literary Fest, was conducted by the Literary Club of Bala Vidya Mandir on Saturday, August 18 2018. It featured a variety of engaging events for the students of classes III, IV, and V designed to bring out their talents in various literary fields, and saw participation from over twenty schools.

The day began with an invocation to the Almighty, followed by successive speeches by several eminent personalities who had been invited to judge the various events, all of whom urged the children to put in their best effort. The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Kamala Krishnaswamy, an entrepreneur, and an avid dancer, with a passion for performing social work. This was followed by a brief presentation on the activities of the Literary Club of the school by the student volunteers of class XI, which also showcased the achievements of the students of the school in various languages. The students of Bala Vidya Mandir also took the opportunity to stage group and solo performances in various languages as a demonstration of what was expected from the participants. LITSAV 2018 featured six events in total, all of which were conducted in parallel at various locations within the campus. These events were,  English Role Play for class V, English Elocution for Class IV, English Recitation for class III, Tamil Story-Telling for class IV, Hindi Recitation for class IV, and Sanskrit Recitation for class III. Participants were restricted to only one event, though they were enthusiastic nevertheless - they thronged the event rooms, nearly filled to capacity by energetic children in elaborate costumes holding exquisite, hand-crafted props. Parents, too, were present in surprising numbers and cheered as their children eagerly took to the stage with unbridled confidence. As the individual events drew to a close, the judges in each room once again reaffirmed the importance of the spirit of participation, congratulating each of the numerous participants for daring to come up and showcase their abilities, before handing each of them a participation certificate. The students then streamed out towards the main auditorium, where the prize distribution ceremony was to be held. After a valedictory speech that yet again insisted on the significance of trying, the various awards were handed out. The children were delighted, of course, squealing with joy as their peers applauded. It would certainly be a memorable day for many of them.

LITSAV 2018 was successful in its objective of nurturing the literary spirit in children, and in teaching children the importance of participating and seizing the moment. This was, to a large extent, thanks to the efforts of the teachers, the sub-staff, the various student volunteers, the parents, and, of course, the students themselves. There is every expectation that the next year will be no different.



As part of enabling effective writing skills, the Literary Club of Bala Vidya Mandir invited Mr. Madhavan, Associate Editor of ‘The Hindu Business Line’ to speak to its student members on penning op-eds or opinion editorials. He explained the concept of op-eds as the opinion expressed by a journalist in the middle page of a newspaper, on topical issues. He clarified that this required considerable amount of research, analysis and studying of facts before venturing into the actual writing. He expressed the need to have an organised structure, to maintain uniform formal language pattern and be objective without resorting to extremism. He urged the students to read and be well-updated. He suggested few magazines like Economist and Time for the students to understand the concept of ‘well-written’. The students asked questions on GST and taxation since the guest mentioned his area of expertise was financial analysis. They also asked his views on political issues. Mr. Madhavan said that he was impressed with the range of questions posed by the students which was testimony to the fact that they were actually paying attention to phenomena around them


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The annual interschool literary festival – Litsav, conducted by the Literary Club of Bala Vidya Mandir, was held on the 19th of August 2017. About 15 schools enthusiastically participated in this festival that saw students from classes 3 to 5 taking part in a variety of events like Role play, English Recitation and Elocution, Hindi Recitation, Tamil Story telling and Sanskrit Sloka recitation. The chief-guest for the event was Ms. Radhika Meganathan, a prolific author, who spoke on the benefits of recreational reading and how it played a pivotal role in shaping her own personal and professional life, inaugurated the function and wished the festival a grand success. The Principal Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan while declaring the Litsav open spoke keenly on the merits of the Literary Club. The event was followed by the valedictory function, where the prize-winners’ names were declared and the certificates for the winners and participation was given away by the Principal. One of the judges, a one Ms. Madhvi Kumar felt it was delightful to see the kids rule the stage end-to-end with confidence and fearlessness. Yet another judge Ms. Sandhya Sankar lauded the efforts of the entire BVM team for organizing such a beautiful event, the kind of which are rare for primary class students.