Bala Vidya Mandir Bala Vidya Mandir

Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)





It was a bright morning .Sharp at 7:15 the proceedings of the day started .Celebrations commenced right from the gate .Every student entering through the gate of BALA VIDYA MANDIR pinned their proportioned flags close to their chests, on this red lettered day, most of them giving a thought to the ones on the frontiers. Every year republic day is celebrated to commemorate the day of our constitution building. The leaders looked-for this day for its coincidence with Purna Swaraj. 

5 naval officers-( ) from the naval academy were the guests of honor .These men of steel body and courageous heart stood by us all throughout the program reminding us of the millions of guardian angels on our frontiers. Our chief guest R. S Ashwini of class 12 was an inevitable charisma. The principal Mr.Srinivasa Raghavan ,the vice principal Mrs. Jagatha Suresh and Mrs. usha , the headmistress Mrs. Jamuna, teachers, staff and parents were a brimming support all throughout the program.

Students from class 6, 7 and 8 marched to the beat of the drums. Kailas lead by Sumit Suresh, Nangaparbhat lead by Shravya Chavah , Kanchenjunga lead by Sai Smruthi and Neelkant by Siddharth upholding their colorful flags representing ideals like of responsibility, honesty, loyalty, strength to cope with adversity, determination , ambition and endurance. Followed by the flag hoisting ceremony wherein everyone stood up to salute their national pride-FLAG. National anthem and flag song were sung by the students of class 5 and 9.

Students of classes 5 and 9 displayed their provost in speaking skills by rendering their skill set on the significance of the day. Anirudh of class 5 rendered his well scripted speech on our responsibilities towards the nation. Education and its significance in democratic India were also given ample space in our “Vidya “Mandir. Famous personas’ heroic life with respect to the freedom struggle like of Kamala Devi and Mathangi Hazra were discussed in great detail by students of class 9.Life of the soldiers ,the backbone of the security system of India were remembered through an eventful delivery of Mridhini of class 5. Keeping the students and the teachers wrapped tightly to their seats were the interspersed performances by students in terms of visual treats, as in the case of class 5 students’ colorful feat and auditory treats with students of primary and senior category cooing their minstrelsy. Last but not the least the French recital on the French president Francoise Hollande who visited India on account of its strengthening ties with the country that has always stood against any form of terrorism, by students of class 9 was indeed mesmerizing.

A combined effort of the management committee, the teachers, non teaching staff, students and other technicians  turned out to be good memory of this prominent day of historical importance and cultural and national stability in the hearts of many blooming flowers ,so that they may carry with them this treasure of national dignity all throughout their life.