Bala Vidya Mandir Bala Vidya Mandir

Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)





The Students of Bendemeer High School from Singapore arrived on 17th November to Chennai, when the city was flooded due to heavy rains.  Bala Vidya Mandir teachers and the students of Class IX welcomed the students of Bendemeer School with a big warm smile, greeting them with sindoor and splashing of rose water, in a traditional Indian way. The head boy and head girl of Bala Vidya Mandir gave them an introduction to Bala Vidya Mandir which was followed by a presentation on the philosophy of our school.

The students of Bala Vidya Mandir accompanied the Bendemeerians to the  ANANTHA PADMANABHA SWAMY TEMPLE in Adyar where they got an insight on Hindu Gods and on the significance of the temple. The ice-breaking session was conducted by the Class XI students. The students of Bendemeer school interacted with students of Bala Vidya Mandir by playing lot of games. DAY 1 with them ended in the after-noon and the day marked the beginning of a new friendship.

On the 2nd day of their visit, the Bendemeerians attended a session on quilling, jewellery making followed by a crafts session held by our talented teachers. Later, the students of pre Bala Vidya Mandir sented a powerpoint about India, which gave them a brief insight on to Incredible India. This was followed by a small entertainment program where students from Bala Vidya Mandir as well as Bendemeer performed for the audience and everyone had a nice time. The visitors were then treated to a traditional Indian meal which they relished. Post lunch, the students of Bendemeer were taken care by their Bala Vidya Mandir buddies till about 9 p.m. About 10 students of Bala Vidya Mandir took the guests home, drove them around Chennai from beaches to malls to gaming zones and entertained them thoroughly. A deep personal bond was developed and the students got to know many things about each other, their schools and their country. Bendemeerians were dropped off at their hotel around 9 p.m post dinner.

The 3rd day, the visitors were on their own visiting heritage sites of Chennai like The universal temple, Kapaleeswara temple, Mylapore, Egmore museum, Marina beach to name a few.

On the last day of their visit, the Bendemeerians were given an insight about MUN (Model United Nations), presented by Bala Vidya Mandir Seniors. This session was followed by the well- prepared entertainment program by students of Bala Vidya Mandir  for their guests. The students of Bala Vidya Mandir had been preparing for the same for about 2 weeks and it was a professional display of talents in the auditorium. The program included traditional music, western music, variety of dances and drama. Bendemeerians too enthralled the audience with their entertainment program. Around 12:30 p.m, the program came to an end and it was time to say good-bye with hugs and everyone making promises to keep in touch. Bala Vidya Mandir provided a wonderful opportunity, to the students of Class IX to meet a bunch of passionate, helpful, compassionate and fun loving students of Bendemeer school, Singapore.It was truly an enriching experience for all of them. Lastly, but most importantly though the rains did play a spoil sport, it never dampened the spirit of the teachers and  students who were all excited and energetic through the week and in the end, it was immense pleasure to know that the visitors from Bendemeer, indeed had a memorable trip.