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Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)




Twinning program- Singapore student exchange program

The Students of Bendemeer High School from Singapore arrived on 12th November to Chennai.  BalaVidyaMandir teachers and the students of Class IX welcomed the students of Bendemeer School with the school band, greeting them withsindoor and splashing of rose water, in a traditional Indian way.The Class IX students welcomed their counter partsby garlanding them with jasmine.

The students of BalaVidyaMandiraccompanied the Bendemeeriansand attended the school assembly where they were introduced to the students by the principal. The ice-breaking session was conducted by the Class IX students.The students of Bendemeer School interacted with BVM students by playing games. The students of BVM presented a PowerPoint about the school, our holistic way of conducting, our clubs and extracurricular activities which gave them a brief insight about the school.

This was followed by the jewelry making program conducted by Ms.PrabhaMaran, our French teacher. After having refreshments, The Bendemeers along with 15 students of class IX visited the R&D factory of CavinKare  where they leant about the methods of making shampoos, testing them for their quality etc.

After the sumptuous lunch in the school, they all got a glimpse of our school’s cookery lab and enjoyed making a sweet dish along with the class VI students.  The last two periods, the Bendemeer students were split into three groups and had a class room experience with class IX A, B & C section students.

DAY 1 with them ended in the evening and the day marked the beginning of new friendships.
On the 2nd day of their visit, theBendemeers attended a session on music by Global Rhythm.Bendemeer teachers observed class 5 English and Class 10 Biology for one period.
Later a team from BVM had a friendly basketball match with the team of Bendemeer with the Class XI students as referees.  After the refreshments, the students of the Bendemeer visited the famous one thousand year old Banyan tree of the Theosophical society.
The visitors were treated to a traditional Indian meal which they relished. Post lunch, the students of Bendemeer were taken to A.R.Rehman’s studio and institute, where they got opportunity to interact with some of the artists.

A deep personal bond was developed between the students of BVM and Bendemeer students and theygot to know many things about each other, their schools and their country.
The 3rd day, the visitors were taken to the Robotics lab and Inno lab. They also attended a session with our Y.E. teacher. They were thrilled to make their own art work on canvas with simple techniques. Our art teacher made them color a peacock drawing and they had a wonderful time creating their own art work.

This session was followed by the well- prepared entertainment program by students of BVM for their guests. BVMites had been preparing for the same for about 2 weeks and it was a professional display of talents in the auditorium. The program included traditional music, western music, classical dance and western dances. Bendemeers too enthralled the audience with their presentation and quiz on Singapore. Thestudents and teachers  were  presented a memento from our school and in return Bendemeer school also presented us with many books and key chains.

Around 4.00p.m, the program came to an end and it was time to say good-bye with hugs and everyone making promises to keep in touch.Bala Vidya Mandir provided a wonderful opportunity, to the students of Class IX to meet a bunch of passionate, helpful, compassionate and fun loving students of Bendemeer School, Singapore. It was truly an enriching experience for all of them.