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Senior Secondary School

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Keeping in tune with the years old tradition and upholding the extended arm of friendship, 21 students from Bendemeer School, Singapore visited Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar between 13th and 17th November 2017 as part of a students’ exchange programme to understand the workings of a school system, its culture, spend time with the students to understand their life and learning methodologies, learn few aspects taught from school and go back enriched.

Day 1 – Monday 13th November ‘17

The government had declared a holiday owing to incessant rains. Hence the school did not function. The Singaporean students and teachers were nevertheless accorded a traditional welcome with garlands, rose stems, shawls and tikkas by BVM teachers. They were led to the auditorium where the GR group members regaled them with their repository of songs.
This was followed by a PPT presentation by BVM students on Bala Vidya Mandir School. The Principal of Bendemeer School, Mr. Remington Chen then addressed the teachers of BVM in the AV Room, talking of his rise to leadership of his school while the Singaporean students had a session of Young Entrepreneur class. They were taught soap and candle making amongst other things by Ms. Padmaja, the YE teacher. Innolab followed YE in ensuring the students were kept busy with scientific concepts through experiments. The students said this class was unique as they learnt concepts hands-on. After lunch the students were taken to Mr. CKR’s farmhouse where they enjoyed watching exotic birds and ponies, the rain notwithstanding. Following a light snack, the students departed to their hotel for the day.

Day 2 – Tuesday 14th November ‘17

The XLNS, the annual children’s day programme, replete with numerous competitions for students from Class 6 upward, was conducted. The Bendemeerians participated in the competitions and interacted with BVM students all day. Some of them even won prizes in some competitions like poetry-writing. The teachers were taken on a tour of the school. They too tried their hand in some competitions like Dumb Charades. They interacted with some of the invited judges, who happened to be our alumni. They also were taken to the staffroom, where they were introduced to teachers and they interacted with department heads. Following this they were taken on a school tour – the labs, the KG rooms, the Resource etc. One of the teachers also interacted with Ms. Uma, our counsellor to understand the common problems plaguing students. The students left for their hotel at 3.40, marking the end of second day at BVM.

Day 3 – Wednesday 15th November ’17.

The Bendemeerians spent the day at Devi Academy and hence did not come to BVM.

Day 4 – Thursday 16th November ‘17

The Bendemeerians arrived to the resounding sounds of Children’s day celebrations for the primary students of BVM in the form of colourfully attired students dancing to lively songs. After this programme ended, the students proceeded to sit in the three sections of Class 9 to observe teaching methodologies. The students managed to see Role play enacted by BVM students in their respective classes as part of English subject enrichment activity. This was followed by a Papier-mache demo class by Mr. Shailesh of Cholamandalam Artists Village. While the students were occupied, the Singaporean teachers observed various classes. One of them, a school counsellor, Ms. Madeleine, addressed the class 8 students and spoke on ‘Self-esteem’ She also conducted an activity for them to reinforce the need to feel self-esteem. After lunch, the students had a session each of YE, Robotics and Cookery. This marked the end of Day 4.

Day 5 – Friday 17th November ‘17

The prize distribution for the winners of the XLNS day competition was held in the auditorium. A farewell programme was arranged for the Bendemeerians where the students of BVM performed dances and sang songs to entertain them. The Singaporean students on their part, presented a ppt on their typical day, conducted a quiz and danced to entertain our students. The programme ended with distribution of certificates to the visiting students by the Principal of BVM. Following lunch, the Singaporean students went home with our students as part of buddies visit to spend time outside school. They were taken to beach, malls, futsal, laser-tag, soap football to name a few. The Bendemeerians were dropped back in their hotel at a stipulated time, marking the end of the trip.


The Singaporean teachers and students appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of the teachers and students of BVM wholeheartedly in successfully enabling an enriching experience for them. They specifically enjoyed the YE and Innolab sessions, not to mention the buddies visit and requested that we recommend these to be included in their own curricula. They were in awe of our students’ natural penchant for music and hence hailed the GR programme as ground-breaking in ensuring surge of talent pool.  

The teachers also admired the concept of a temple in school. They believed it would ensure students would become aware of their spiritual side and eventually derive strength from it. As a form of exposure to all aspects of life, they believed that this was something that was much needed in the present day world.

The teachers wanted to understand the problems faced by teachers with the students. On interaction with our school counsellor and teachers they came to the conclusion that ours were nothing compared to theirs that included smoking, single parent issues, partnerships etc.

The students, in particular loved the buddies visit initiative where our students took the visiting students out with them. They came back in tears at the prospect of having to leave their counterparts and return to their country.

Overall, the visitors enjoyed the hospitality rendered and appreciated our warmth wholeheartedly. On our part it was an interesting, learning experience interacting with teachers from a foreign school but with ideologies similar to our own. It also enabled us to plan and execute effectively, the various programmes for our visitors.