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Senior Secondary School

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Creashakthi classes for this academic year started around July 2018. As expected, the classes were extremely enjoyable. This year we scripted our own plays. It was an amazing experience because we learnt how difficult it is to write our own play. For Grade 4, our scripts had to be based on a newspaper article. We edited our scripts, got it checked by our trainers, re-edited it and ended up with our final script. Each play was based on the students’ idea of what the issue was in the society. The classes were in the mornings at school and we started of our day with a lot of excitement. The trainers would be extremely patient with the students and were very analytical regarding the flaws. We started writing our scripts after two months from the beginning of the course. The last two months before our performance were the most hectic days through the entire class. Costumes had to be identified, dialogues had to be memorized, roles had to be perfected, emotions and expressions had to be made natural.

The performance was the finale of the whole year’s hard work. The show happened at our school and we never thought we would be able to pull it off. There was a lot of tension in the air but we knew that it would work out some way or the other. The second we were told we’d be wearing collar mics, everyone was extremely excited but the trainers burst our bubble saying we couldn’t utter a word backstage and we’d have to very careful of our breathing. Although there were a few restraints, we had the time of our lives. Being on stage was so much fun and there was no nervousness once you got into your character and were onstage. The exam was a few days after our performance. There was a very polite examiner who had flown in from Trinity College, London who made us feel very comfortable. We attended our exam at Musee Musicals. It was a quick process and a relaxed one too.

This was certainly a wonderful experience and a pleasant way to sum up our academic year. Saving the best for the last, I would like to thank Principal Sir for introducing theatre in school. I am also thankful to Karthiyaini Ma’am and Supriya Ma’am who co-ordinated the course and our trainers: Karthik Sir, Akshaya Ma’am and Smarabh Sir, without whom none of this would’ve been possible.


Creasakthi is exactly what it said it was, ‘No Drama, Just theatre’. At first, I thought acting was easy, turns out there’s a lot to it. The first class was nothing I had expected. It was better. At first, most of us came to class because our parents paid hard earned money for it. Later, it had become an acting haven where we could leave our problems behind. The first class was where we had to learn everyone’s name otherwise you’re out. Because of that, everyone knew everyone’s name. Our whole class was united. Each class we were given a totally different group and a totally different concept made into games.
By the time we got our groups, we were very comfortable with each other. My group consisted of six people who I never properly knew. Creasakthi was an opportunity to get to know completely new people. Smarabh sir, Akshaya mam and Karthik sir were our teachers and gave us a whole new perspective on acting. Our coordinators Supriya mam and Karthiyayini mam encouraged all the students as well.
We got our plays. Our group was ‘Boy Who Broke The Bank’ . It was hard at first for all of us to act it out as it involved a lot of expression and volume. Thanks to Smarabh sir’s witty sense of humour, he made us comfortable with the play adding his own touch of slapstick comedy into it. Next was the dialogues, we all kept messing it up. After a while of continuous line runs, we got the hang of that as well.
We got our costumes and our play was one of the only plays with almost all charecters in saree, including myself. Then came the tech rehearsal , and our play was revealed as the last. We waited till the end when we finished our line run and our positioning to finally get on the stage. Our rehearsal went way faster than we had expected. It went well.
Then came the day of the show. We had gotten our mikes attached and rehearsed the important parts. It was hard at first as the mikes were new to us.  Then, came the audience one by one. The students sat behind the audience. The show started. The crowds were cheering like crazy. It was thrilling. The plays went on and on when we were called backstage. We went back to see students from all grades nervously muttering their lines to themselves. We sat down and saw the plays go on from backstage and helping with props if needed, wishing everyone good luck as they entered the stage. Finally, only our group was left. Akshaya mam comforted us and put our mikes on before we entered the stage.  I entered the stage with my play-members and we couldn’t even  see the audience due to the blinding lights. The play went amazing. People were laughing at all the right parts and screamed for us. It was amazing.
The only thing left after that was the exam. We went to a music store to wait. We listened to music to calm our nerves. As each group went we wished them luck and they came back with smiles on their faces as apparently, the teacher was extremely sweet and nice. That calmed everyone down. We were called. We went into a small waiting room and music was playing all around us while another play was performing  inside . The teacher made us do a line run and made jokes to calm us down before we left. Finally the group before us came out, they told us it was alright and we believed it and went inside. The room was sized perfectly and there stood a British woman with a huge smile on her face. We introduced ourselves and she gave us time to set up the stage. For some reason, all of us were forgetting our dialogues and stuttering but we managed. She laughed and enjoyed every part of the play. The exam was done. That was it.
The whole exam was amazing. It opened us to totally new things and taught us many things. Creasakthi was extremely fun and all of us in Grade 3 are waiting for Grade 4 and its many challenges.