Bala Vidya Mandir Bala Vidya Mandir

Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)





The curtain was going to raise. All sixty five of us were backstage, wearing our costumes, eagerly waiting for the show to begin. It was 11 am on 18th February, 2018. Some of us were laughing, some were nervous and anxious, some were relaxed but on the whole all of us were excited. The atmosphere backstage was pleasant. Parents, teachers and friends were seated in the auditorium of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, R.A.Puram. We were finally going to perform the plays that we were practising for a couple of months.

‘Crea-shakthi ‘, a theatre institution, mentored and guided us, the students of Bala Vidya Mandir, Sr. Sec. School, Adyar. We were taught by excellent trainers who were full of fun and took the trouble to notice every tiny detail and correct us. The classes were interesting and we played several games to learn the different aspects of theatre. The last few rehearsals were done to mimic the entire show to give a feel of how it would be on the day of the performance.

The show started off and the first play went on stage. The audience was captivated with the dramas, thrillers and comedies. The claps and hoots of the crowd were very encouraging and all of us performed with energy and gusto. After each play was done, the participants came out with varying feelings of happiness and eagerly told the others about how their skit was, whether they thought the crowd liked it or not and how some of them forgot their lines on stage.

Popular stories like the red riding hood were tweaked. The story of King Dasaratha had a twist. Some plays, like the ‘Chipko Movement’ and ‘Mobile Alertness’ had a message. There were humorous stories of the history of potatoes and a grandmother who was a big time cricket fan! Life lessons were learnt from plays like ‘The Avenue of Trees’ and ‘The Story of Himavat’, a wise old man. There were plays situated in the medieval times like ‘The Story of Tilotamma’, a beautiful maiden and ‘Gone Vardhan.’ ‘Rattrap’ was about good being repaid with evil. The audience was enlightened with the hilarious inside story of the drawing of Mona Lisa by the famous Da Vinci. Thieves, cruel stepmothers, eccentric grannies, big bad wolves, police officers, kings who wanted to take over the world, Gods and Goddesses were all part of the performance. All the plays were a success and were enjoyed by the audience.

After the show, we were given certificates for the completion of the Crea-shakthi course and we were congratulated by our Principal Mr.Srinivasa Raghavan. He has encouraged us to hone our skills. The show was a success due to the tireless effort of our mentors, Karthik Sir, Smarab Sir, Siddhartha Sir and Nivash Sir. Karthiyaini miss, our teacher and co-ordinator was the reason we all went to class on time and knew the dates of our rehearsals. Finally, we posed for a group photo and the eventful day had come to an end. The whole exercise was exciting, enjoyable and most of all, an experience we would always remember. Some work and more play brought out the best in us.