Bala Vidya Mandir Bala Vidya Mandir

Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)






“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are mere players.” These words were said by the great playwright William Shakespeare.  CREASHAKTHI has been a wonderful experience for all of us young players. 
Our sessions began at the start of the academic year and every class focussed on exploring different aspects of Theatre – Acting, Directing, Blocking. It has all been a joyful experience.  We played many games in the class which improved our alertness, confidence, dialogue delivery and improvisation skills. Our trainers were very encouraging and helped us every step of the way.  We were all understandably nervous performing for the entire school.  But the feeling was overshadowed by our excitement on presenting the wonderful plays our trainers CREASHAKTHI had written for us.  We were committed team and worked hard for the D day, and the rehearsals were tiring but fun filled and enjoyable. 
The performances on School Stage went outstandingly well.  Our Principal Dr.SRINIVASA RAGHAVAN, the Chief Guests SHRI MAADHU BALAJI and MS.JANAKI SABESH and our teachers were so impressed by the charismatic, soulful performances of us youngsters.  It was a great success on both the days.  Our parents were also pleasantly surprised by the professional manner in which we showcased the performances. 
Going for the Trinity exam was obviously a bit more intimidating.  We were going to be evaluated and didn’t want to let our respective teams down.  When the exam was finally to be taken, however, the nervousness found no place in our minds as we relaxed and enjoyed our performance and did well as a team.
The memory of this wonderful CREASHAKTHI experience shall always have a special space in our hearts and we appreciate our teachers Ms.KARTHIYAINI and MS.SUPRIYA who facilitated this.   As I look back on the entire year, I feel that it all happened too quick and there is now an empty feeling in my mind.  I can’t wait for the new academic year to start, when we shall begin afresh another  journey with our trainers Mr.Karthik,Ms.Akshaya,Ms Abhilasha,Ms.Bhavadharini,Mr.Yugesh, Mr.Sathish and Mr.Siddhartha ;teachers and team mates at CREASHAKTHI.


I have been a student of Creashakthi for three years now and these three years have given me a wonderful insight into theatre as an art form. When I am in theatre class, it is a welcome break to be away from the world of studies and homework and to get immersed in the world of acting and theatre. The performance for this academic year, 2019-20 took place on the weekend of February 8th and 9th, 2020. On February 9th the chief guest for the evening was the famed drama and film actress Janaki Sabesh. The theme for the evening was Food, Art and Culture. The first play on stage was performed by the students of Grade 5. Titled “Art of Making Bad Jokes”, it was a rollicking introductory play with (as the name suggests), jokes. The next five plays, performed by the students of Grades 3 and 4, explored the various forms of Food, Art and Culture. They were, The Haste of Zero Waste; Welcome to Vijayanagara; Melancholy Merriment; Marinara; and Solo Act. The evening ended with another performance by the students of Grade 5, “For God’s Sake”, which was again a comedy. After the performances, every actor was applauded by the audience for their fabulous performance. All this would not have been possible without Karthick sir, Akshaya miss, Siddharth sir, Satish sir, Yugesh sir, and Bhavadharini miss. These Creashakthi trainers, directors and scriptwriters were very patient with us and put in immense amount of time, work and effort to produce this wondrous show performed by the students of Creashakthi. . We also need to thank our school English teachers, Supriya miss and Karthiyaini miss who helped organise the events, informed us of all the classes, coordinated all the necessary work and were with us every step of the way.