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Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)





XLNS 2018

XLNS 2018-19 took place on the 10th and 14th of November 2018. It comprised of 15 events totally from which six of them were conducted on the tenth and the remaining nine were on the fourteenth.

On the tenth, the prelims for Adzap, Shipwreck, Block and Tackle, Jam, Spin A Yarn and Elocution took place. From these events, finalists were chosen and those finalists had to compete with each other to take the individual title of these events.

On the finals, the fourteenth a total of fifteen events took place out of which four of them were flagged which meant students from these events would participate in the Talent Of The Day event and the winner of that would receive the title and the house with most points at the end of the day would be crowned the winning house.

As the day grew to a close the star event, the Talent Of The Day commenced. The finalists who qualified were Sudhan. R of class 10C, Vishnesh. J.R 10B, Pranav Krishna 10B, Pranav. C of class 9C, Nidhi Premkumar 10A and Nayanthara of class 10A qualified to the final event. After an amusing and interesting set of rounds Vishnesh was given the title of the Talent Of The Day and Sudhan was given the Runners Up title. Both received trophies. In the end of the day after totaling scores of all events, the house with the most points was Nanga Parbath and the vice captain collected the trophy on behalf of the students.